Germany and the Czech Republic foster intensive trade relations. The Czech Republic is Germany’s most important trading partner in East-Central Europe. According to a survey conducted by the German Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce, thousands of German businesses operate in the Czech Republic. Conversely, the Federal Republic of Germany is the most important foreign trade partner of the Czech Republic. Trade with Germany accounted for almost one third of the entire foreign trade of the Czech Republic in recent years.

We have extensive experience in providing legal assistance for investment projects of both German businesses in the Czech Republic and Czech companies in Germany.

Dr. David Kouba is a holder of an international admission to the bar in the Czech Republic, worked as a lawyer in Prague and is fluent in Czech. He regularly gives advice to German and Czech organizations for their cross-border business. Not only does his team include two Czech lawyers, but our Prague liaison office and regular cooperation partner, Ueltzhöffer Balada, allows us to offer advice on Czech law as well and to represent clients before the Czech courts.

We draft contracts as part of cross-border legal relationships and offer advice to German investors with a view to providing legal cover to their commitment in the Czech Republic, making it safe. Regardless of whether you acquire a business or purchase real estate – we will assist you with negotiations and clarify the basics of due diligence on site. We offer advice to Czech businessmen in the area of corporate acquisitions.


Dr. David Kouba