We help protect your intellectual property from being copied by third parties.

Companies provide their business and their products with a brand, a profile, and an image. We assist our clients with the selection, the registration and the protection of their trademarks and designs – in Germany, Europe and throughout the world.

Where registrations collide, we will conduct opposition proceedings before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (“DPMA”) or the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) located in Alicante, Spain. If your trademark or design has been infringed, we will enforce your rights by way of an injunction. We are familiar with both complex litigation involving trademark infringements and the procedure for the confiscation of products at borders in cases of product piracy. For cases that involve trademark or design infringement litigation abroad, we are linked to and closely cooperate with a large network of trademark law specialists in other countries.

In patent infringement cases we work closely together with a network of patent attorneys.

We are also here to help you ensure that your advertising complies with the law. Together, we will weigh the opportunities and risks of your advertising campaign. What we want for you is to achieve good advertising value for the money spent and for your marketing concepts to be safe from being halted by competitors.

Clients of our IP practice area include numerous well-known companies engaged in business in the fields of media, culture, and IT, among others.

Dr. Cornelius Renner is a certified specialist in intellectual property and has successfully handled global trademark portfolios of numerous clients for many years. He has extensive litigation experience, serves as a visiting lecturer at Humboldt-University Berlin on the subject of “Intellectual Property” and gives speeches and lectures on a regular basis, including on the topic of trademark law.


Dr. Cornelius Renner