Media are ubiquitous. Legal issues in connection with their distribution and use are subject to changes at lightning speed and are challenging to keep track of. Giving reliable advice on media law issues requires always being up to date, not only with all new legal developments but also with technology. We meet this challenge.

When your company is targeted by the media, our advice to you will focus on press law and we will try to prevent compromising reports even before they arise. We also offer advice to media firms and represent them in the defense of their reporting.

Due to our experience with litigation arising from software agreements we know what counts when drafting these agreements. As part of our preparation work for the drafting of complex agreements, we help avoid disputes later on. We have the required technical background that allows us to properly safeguard your interests. Should a dispute arise, we assist you in the early stages to document the problems and will enforce your rights, if necessary before the courts.

Dr. Cornelius Renner is a certified specialist in copyright and media law and has many years of experience advising clients and conducting litigation involving press law and copyright law, as well as in the Internet and software industries. He is a co-author of the practice manual on media law where his articles on claims under press law and regarding the protection of one’s own image are published. He is also a visiting lecturer at Humboldt-University Berlin where, among other things, he gives lectures on press law to lawyers pursuing specialization in copyright and media law.


Dr. Cornelius Renner