Nowadays, no business owner can avoid facing labor and employment law-related issues. Just one wrong word can prove costly to the employer. The importance of avoiding mistakes starts at the early stage of job advertisement, and legal obstacles are encountered throughout the entire employer-employee relationship, which these days is more regulated than ever. Labor and employment law is subject to changes at increasingly shorter intervals and legal solutions that were applicable yesterday may be useless today.

We are aware of employers’ needs and know what is important to them. We draft employment contracts that will withstand judicial scrutiny and will assist companies in maintaining flexibility when it comes to personnel planning.

We offer advice on labor and employment law issues while accompanying our clients through corporate transactions and restructuring efforts, and we assist them with complex issues surrounding major staffing cuts. We represent your interests in dealings with the works council/unions and negotiate redundancy programs or reconciliation of interest with this council/representatives of labor. Our lawyers use their vast experience to not only accompany you through these processes but also to assist you with legal advice in the context of collective bargaining agreements.

Should employment be terminated, we represent you in actions against unfair dismissal, negotiate, where appropriate, a mutually agreed termination of employment, and draft severance agreements that adequately take your interests into account. When employment contracts with employees holding positions of authority are terminated, we will ensure that no customer data and expertise end up with competitors.

We offer advice to executives for any agreements they wish to enter into, when problems arise during their employment, or when its termination is impending or threatened. We pride ourselves on our broad experience in negotiating consensual resolutions of conflicts, but also in enforcing the rights of executives before the courts.

Our lawyers representing clients before the labor courts have extensive court experience. Dr. Ernesto Loh was the President of the Committee of Certified Specialists in Labor and Employment Law with the Berlin Bar Association for many years. Today, Dr. Anja Böckmann is a member of this Committee.

Our clients in this area of labor and employment law include federal ministries and ministries of the German Länder, embassies of foreign states, broadcasting corporations, universities, businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.